Is Water Pooling Around Your Home in Oxford, Lake Orion, Auburn Hills & Ortonville, MI?

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If you notice pools of water around your yard or in your basement, don't panic. Just call 360 Land Services for drainage work in the Oxford, Lake Orion, Auburn Hills & Ortonville, MI areas. We'll rework your land and install a drainage system to move water away from your home. Our team can handle everything from drain tile installations to French drain installations with ease.

Reach out to us today to learn more about our drainage work. We'll be happy to answer your questions.

What type of drainage systems do you need?

To ensure your new drain functions at the highest quality, we'll install one of three specific drainage systems. . Trust us with:

  1. French drain installations — a long trench that filters overflow water through gravel rock and a perforated pipe, which sends the water downhill
  2. Touch basin installations — an underground box covered by a grate, which catches overflow water and directs it into a drainage pipe
  3. Drain tile installations — a system of pipes with perforations or holes that channels water away from your foundation, keeping basements and crawl spaces dry.
Before beginning your drainage work, we'll inspect your property to see which drainage system would suit your needs the best. Whether you need a touch basin, drain tile or French drain installation, reach out to 360 Land Services for efficient drainage work in Oxford, Auburn Hills & Lake Orion, MI.